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Introducing the Hydrogenerator excitation regulator with 400 Output Voltage

Introducing the Hydrogenerator excitation regulator with 400 Output Voltage

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Hydrogenerator excitation regulator


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Product Details
Pallet,Carton,Wooden Case
Applicable Medium:
1 Year
Water Turbine Genrator
Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Or Aluminum
Excitation Regulator
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Cardboard or wooden box packaging
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Product Description

Product Description:

Figure 7-1: Regulator test wiring diagram

1. Connect Ua and N to the mains 220V(Ub and N short-circuit) and L+ and L- indirect 100W bulbs. After connecting, power on, at this time, the "running" lamp flashes at intervals, the "grid-connected" lamp is steady on, the frequency display is about 50.00HZ, press "Display" key to switch the display voltage should be between 50-60.

3. Use a wire to short connect the "COM" and "DL auxiliary" contact, and the "grid-connected" light is off.

3. Press the "Increase" or "Reduce" button, the digital tube shows the "given voltage" value of the increase or decrease.

4. Press the "Increase" key to make the "given voltage" value > "voltage" value, the lamp should slowly become brighter.

5. Press the "Reduce" key to make the "given voltage" value < "voltage" value, the lamp should slowly dim.

6. When the electric light is on, press the "magnetic off" key, the "magnetic off" light is on, and the light should be extinguished. Because the current voltage is connected to the mains, so the "magnetic off" light will always be on, at this time should be power off and then power on to restore normal.

7. Excitation loop test: remove the Ub line without connecting. Press and hold the "excitation" button, power on the moment will observe the light bulb will light up, and then quickly extinguished, indicating that the excitation loop is normal.

Eight, the regulator is connected to the grid

8.1 Startup and operation steps

1. Start the turbine and increase the speed to 90% of the rated speed.

2. Press the "Excitation" button to build pressure.

3. Press the "Increase" or "Reduce" button to adjust the voltage. If there is a grid voltage, it will automatically track the grid voltage.

4. Frequency equalization and grid connection. If there is an automatic "constant power factor" adjustment mode, it will automatically enter the constant power factor adjustment mode after meeting the conditions, without manual adjustment of reactive power. If it is in the "constant voltage" adjustment mode, the reactive power can be added or decreased to meet the operation requirements of the unit through the "Increase" or "Reduce" button.

8.2 Shutdown steps

1. Turn off turbine to reduce active and reactive power to zero.

2. Trip machine end circuit breaker.

3. Press the "Magnetic Off" button (" Magnetic Off "is on). Turn off the generator and turn off the water cooler.

4. After tripping, you can also directly turn off the water machine. When the frequency is lower than 35HZ, the regulator will automatically turn off the magnetic.

9. Ordering Instructions.

1. The default configuration of the regulator does not include the communication module of the machine. If necessary, please specify when ordering.

2. The default output control voltage of the regulator is 0-90V. Please confirm whether the rated excitation voltage of the AC exciter exceeds 90V before ordering. If it is greater than 90V, it needs to be customized.

3. If it is a small brushless high voltage generator (rated generator voltage 6KV), you can choose the company's thyristor excitation products by matching single-phase excitation transformer and thyristor module. For details, please contact the company's technical support.

4. The regulator can also be used for the generator set of DC exciter, please contact the technical support of the company.





Attached table: Common faults and treatment methods

  Fault Symptom Possible causes Treatment measures
1 Press the "Starting" button, the regulator does not show, the generator voltage does not respond at all. The excitation winding is in the opposite direction of the remanence (appears in the first commissioning of the new unit). Use a multimeter to measure the residual voltage of the machine end, it can be found that when the "excitation" button is pressed, the residual voltage of the machine end becomes smaller. At this time, the wiring of two terminals of the excitation winding is switched down.
Residual low. Generator AN phase voltage is less than 3V. It usually occurs when the new unit is debugged for the first time or the unit is shut down for a long time. Use a 6V or 12V battery to magnetize the generator. When magnetizing, the positive battery is connected to the regulator L+, and the negative battery is connected to the regulator L-. The negative connection will cause damage to the thyristor module of the regulator. You can remove the regulator L+.L- connection and then magnetize.
Ac exciter rotation diode is damaged. At this time with the battery excitation, the machine end voltage will not rise. At this time, the faulty diode should be checked and replaced.
The regulator excitation loop is faulty Contact manufacturer for treatment
2 Press the "Excitation" button, the voltage rises (but not pressure), release the voltage and automatically drop. Speed is too low Make the generator frequency greater than 45HZ or so




Internal regulator failure




Contact manufacturer for treatment

3 Press "Kick-up" button, generator voltage overvoltage out of control, For the first debugging, it is possible that the no-load rated excitation voltage is less than 10V.

Series resistors or

Contact manufacturer for treatment


The regulator measurement loop is faulty Contact manufacturer for treatment
4 The excitation boost voltage is normal, and the excitation current is out of control after grid connection. For the first debugging, the current polarity is generally reversed. Check whether the voltage is connected to phases A, B, and N. Whether the current transformer is in phase C. If correct, generally adjust the current in and out of the lower regulator.
The first debugging, DL auxiliary connection into normal open. DL auxiliary is modified to normally closed contact
Constant power factor runs unstable Change to constant voltage operation
Other Contact manufacturer for disposal
Introducing the Hydrogenerator excitation regulator with 400 Output Voltage 0


  • Product Name: Turbine Spare Parts
  • Frequency: 50HZ60HZ
  • Type: Hydrogenerator excitation regulator
  • Connecting Format: Flanged Ends
  • Installation: Easy
  • Applicable Medium: Water

Technical Parameters:

Frequency 50HZ60HZ
Materials Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Or Aluminum
Condition New
Type Hydrogenerator excitation regulator
Installation Easy
Applicable Medium Water
Packing Pallet,Carton,Wooden Case
Weight 3kg
Warranty 1 Year
Size Standard


The Hydrogenerator excitation regulator - DS-W is designed to regulate the excitation system of the hydroelectric turbine, ensuring that the generator output voltage is at a stable level. The product is suitable for all types of hydroelectric turbines that use water as their medium to generate electricity.

The Hydrogenerator excitation regulator - DS-W is ideal for power plants that require an output voltage of 400. The product is versatile and can operate at either 50HZ or 60HZ frequencies. It is suitable for use in both high and low voltage systems.

The Hydrogenerator excitation regulator - DS-W is shipped in various packing options, including pallets, cartons, and wooden cases. This product is perfect for power plants that require reliable spare parts to ensure the continuous operation of their hydroelectric turbines.

In summary, the Hydrogenerator excitation regulator - DS-W is a high-quality product that is designed to provide stable output voltage to hydroelectric turbines. It is suitable for use in various occasions and scenarios, including power plants that require an output voltage of 400. The product is made in deyangcity, sichuan, China, and adheres to the standard size of the industry. It is versatile and can operate at either 50HZ or 60HZ frequencies. The Hydrogenerator excitation regulator - DS-W is an essential spare part that is shipped in various packing options, ensuring that it arrives at the power plant in excellent condition.




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  • Installation and commissioning support
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At Turbine Spare Parts, we are committed to providing quality products and services that exceed our customers' expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our technical support and services.

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