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Efficiency Stainless Steel Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Vertical Or Horizontal

Efficiency Stainless Steel Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Vertical Or Horizontal

Vertical Francis Turbine Generator

Vertical Or Horizontal Francis Turbine Generator

300KW-20MW Francis Turbine Generator

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:

Francis HL-WJ-60

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Product Details
Power Plant
Installation Mode:
Vertical Or Horizontal
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel
Rated Efficiency:
Rated Power:
Rated Speed:
Rated Water Head:
Rated Voltage:
400V 800V 6.3kV 10kV
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film )
Delivery Time
200 Days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 per year
Product Description

Product Description:

The Francis Turbine Generator is a premier hydroelectric system designed to convert the energy of flowing water into electrical power. As a key component in renewable energy generation, the Francis Turbine Generator has been expertly engineered to provide a high-efficiency solution for power generation in a variety of settings and applications. This product is not only a testament to modern engineering but also to the commitment to sustainable energy practices.

The Francis Turbine Generator comes in a range of rated voltages including 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, and 10kV, which allows for flexible integration into various electrical grids and applications. Whether it is for small scale operations or for integration into a national power grid, the adaptability in voltage ratings ensures that this turbine generator can meet the requirements of different projects with ease.

With a rated water head of 20m-300m, this turbine generator is suitable for a vast range of hydraulic pressure levels, making it a versatile option for different hydroelectric projects. This range of operation signifies that the Francis Turbine Generator can be implemented across a variety of environments and geographical locations, be it lowland rivers or highland dams, without compromising on efficiency or performance.

The rated speed of the Francis Turbine Generator varies from 450 to 1000 RPM, allowing operators to select the optimal turbine speed for their specific power generation needs. This flexibility in rotational speed ensures that each Francis Turbine Generator unit can be finely tuned to match the flow rate of water, thereby maximizing energy capture and reducing waste.

This generator operates at a rated frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, which is compatible with the majority of the world's electrical systems. Whether the destination is a region with a 50Hz power grid standard or a 60Hz standard, the Francis Turbine Generator can be configured to comply with both, ensuring its suitability for global markets and diverse electrical infrastructure.

The Francis Turbine Generator excels in its dual capability as both a Francis Water Turbine Generator and a Francis Steam Turbine Generator. While commonly used for hydroelectric power generation by harnessing the kinetic energy of water, it can also be adapted to utilize steam in thermal power plants. This dual functionality not only extends its applicability across different types of power plants but also demonstrates its versatility and efficiency in converting various forms of fluid energy into electrical energy.

At the heart of the Francis Turbine Generator is its robust and reliable design. The generator is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and a long operational life. It is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of continuous operation while maintaining high levels of energy conversion efficiency. Furthermore, maintenance requirements are minimal, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent power output throughout its lifespan.

Environmental sustainability is a key consideration in the design of the Francis Turbine Generator. By utilizing renewable resources such as water and steam, this generator contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Francis Turbine Generator is a clean energy solution that aligns with global efforts to transition towards more sustainable and eco-friendly power generation methods.

In conclusion, the Francis Turbine Generator is an exceptional product that embodies reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Its versatility in voltage, water head, speed, and frequency ratings make it a suitable choice for a wide range of applications. Whether for a Francis Water Turbine Generator or a Francis Steam Turbine Generator, this system stands as a testament to innovation in renewable energy technology, offering a clean, powerful, and dependable energy source for today and the future.



  • Product Name: Francis Turbine Generator
  • Rated Power: 300KW-20MW
  • Type: Francis Turbine Generator
  • Runner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rated Voltage: 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV
  • Application: Power Plant
  • Keywords:
    • Francis Steam Turbine Generator
    • Francis Water Turbine Generator
    • Francis Hydro Turbine Generator

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Rated Power 300KW-20MW
Runner Material Stainless Steel
Type Francis Turbine Generator
Rated Speed 450-1000RPM
Installation Mode Vertical Or Horizontal
Rated Efficiency 90%-96%
Control Mode Automatic
Rated Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Application Power Plant
Rated Voltage 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV


The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator , model number Francis HL-WJ-60 , is an exemplary product engineered for efficiency and reliability. Originating from Deyang, China, this powerhouse of a generator is backed by quality assurances such as ISO, CE, and TUV certifications . With a commendable rated efficiency between 90%-96% , it stands as a testament to its superior design and manufacturing.

Designed to cater to a diverse range of applications, the Francis Steam Turbine Generator is an ideal solution for power generation in steam-based processes. Whether it's for industrial plants where steam is a by-product or for specialized cogeneration, the versatility of the Francis Steam Turbine Generator can seamlessly integrate into various scenarios.

Similarly, the Francis Water Turbine Generator variant is perfectly suited for hydroelectric power stations. Given its broad rated power spectrum of 300KW-20MW , it fits well in both small-scale and large-scale hydropower projects. Its automatic control mode ensures minimal human intervention, making it a reliable component in remote and inaccessible installations.

The flexibility in installation is another feature of the Francis HL-WJ-60 , with its vertical or horizontal installation modes. This allows it to adapt to different architectural plans and engineering designs, ensuring that whatever the site requirements might be, the turbine generator can be incorporated without compromising on performance.

Understanding the critical nature of power generation units, Dongsen-DSSD ensures that each unit of the Francis Turbine Generator is packed meticulously in export packing, which includes wooden cases and plastic film, ensuring that the product arrives at its destination without any damage. With a minimum order quantity of just one set and a competitive price of 40000 , the generator remains accessible to a wide range of clients.

Prospective buyers can anticipate a delivery time of 200 days , with payment terms convenient and straightforward through T/T. The supply ability of 500 units per year guarantees that demand can be met efficiently. Moreover, with its rated frequency of 50Hz/ 60HZ and options for automatic control, the Francis HL-WJ-60 is a universal fit for various electrical systems and grid requirements around the world.

Whether it's for sustainable energy projects, industrial applications, or to bolster a region's power infrastructure, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator is a product that promises performance and adaptability, making it a prudent choice for a wide array of application occasions and scenarios.



Brand Name: Dongsen-DSSD

Model Number: Francis HL-WJ-60

Place of Origin: Deyang, China

Certification: ISO, CE, TUV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: 40000

Packaging Details: Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film)

Delivery Time: 200 Days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500 per year

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Rated Efficiency: 90%-96%

Rated Voltage: 400V 800V 6.3kV 10kV

Control Mode: Automatic

Rated Water Head: 20m-300M

Our Francis Hydro Turbine Generator, also known as the Francis Steam Turbine Generator, is a high-efficiency power generation solution. Built by Dongsen-DSSD, the Francis HL-WJ-60 model is a testament to engineering excellence, originating from Deyang, China, and meeting rigorous ISO, CE, and TUV certifications.

This Francis Steam Turbine Generator offers a rated efficiency of 90%-96% and operates at a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. It is designed for a range of rated voltages including 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, and 10kV to accommodate various electrical systems and grid requirements.

Featuring an automatic control mode, this generator is capable of handling a rated water head ranging from 20m to 300M, making it versatile for different hydro power projects. Whether you are looking to invest in a single set or in bulk, we have the supply ability of 500 units per year at a competitive price of 40000 per set.

Our packaging ensures the utmost care in export packing, with sturdy wooden cases and protective plastic film. With a minimum order quantity of just one set, we welcome your business and are prepared to meet your power generation needs with a delivery time of 200 days. Payment is convenient through T/T terms.

Choose the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator for a reliable and efficient power solution for your hydroelectric projects.


Support and Services:

The Francis Turbine Generator is designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation. Our product technical support and services are dedicated to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Francis Turbine Generator. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to support your needs:

Installation Assistance: Our team provides guidance and support throughout the installation process to ensure that your Francis Turbine Generator is set up correctly for optimal operation and performance.

Technical Consultation: Our experts are available to answer any technical questions you may have regarding the operation, maintenance, or troubleshooting of your Francis Turbine Generator.

Maintenance Services: We provide routine maintenance services to keep your turbine generator running smoothly. This includes inspections, component adjustments, and replacements as necessary to prevent downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

Repair Services: In the event that your turbine generator requires repairs, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of issues, ensuring that your system is restored to full functionality with minimal disruption.

Upgrades and Modernization: As technology advances, we can help you upgrade or modernize your Francis Turbine Generator to improve efficiency, increase power output, and meet the latest industry standards.

Training: We offer training programs for operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that your team is fully equipped to manage and maintain your Francis Turbine Generator effectively.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics: With our remote monitoring services, we can provide real-time diagnostics and proactive support to address issues before they lead to system failures.

Our technical support and services are available to help you achieve the best performance and reliability from your Francis Turbine Generator. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to ensure the success of your power generation operations.


Packing and Shipping:

The Francis Turbine Generator is meticulously packed to ensure that the product reaches you in perfect working condition. The generator components are encased in a robust, protective casing with foam padding to prevent any damage during transit. Each part is individually wrapped in anti-corrosive material to safeguard against humidity and rust.

Before shipping, the package undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee that all items are securely fastened and the packaging integrity is maintained. The external crate is constructed from high-quality, durable wood that is compliant with international shipping standards, ensuring a safe journey to its destination.

Upon dispatch, we provide you with a detailed packing list, including the weight and dimensions of the package, to facilitate easy tracking and handling. The Francis Turbine Generator is shipped with comprehensive installation instructions and all necessary documentation required for customs clearance and immediate operation.

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