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Power Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Automatic Control 450-1000RPM 20m-300M Head 50Hz/60Hz

Power Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Automatic Control 450-1000RPM 20m-300M Head 50Hz/60Hz

20m-300M Francis Turbine Generator

50Hz/60Hz Francis Turbine Generator

450-1000RPM Francis Turbine Generator

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:

Francis HL-WJ-60

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Product Details
Rated Power:
Francis Turbine Generator
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel
Control Mode:
Rated Water Head:
Rated Frequency:
50Hz/ 60HZ
Power Plant
Rated Speed:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film )
Delivery Time
200 Days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 per year
Product Description

Power Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Automatic Control 450-1000RPM 20m-300M Head 50Hz/60Hz

Product Description:

The Francis Turbine Generator is a highly efficient and robust hydroelectric power generation system, which stands out as a significant innovation in the field of renewable energy technologies. This turbine generator is specifically designed to convert hydraulic energy into electrical energy with the utmost efficiency and reliability. It is an ideal choice for power plants looking to harness the energy of water to produce clean, sustainable electricity.

One of the most versatile aspects of the Francis Turbine Generator is its installation mode. It can be set up in both vertical and horizontal configurations, allowing for flexibility in plant design and adaptation to the specific requirements of the site. This feature ensures that the Francis Turbine Generator can be integrated into a wide range of power plant layouts, making it suitable for various topographical and hydrological conditions.

The application of the Francis Turbine Generator is primarily within the power plant sector, where it is utilized to generate electricity on a commercial scale. Its design is optimized for performance in this setting, ensuring that the generator operates at peak efficiency and delivers a continuous and reliable power supply. The generator is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of a power plant environment, ensuring durability and a long service life.

At the heart of the Francis Turbine Generator lies the runner, which is crafted from high-quality stainless steel. This choice of material ensures excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, which is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of the turbine in the presence of water. Stainless steel's strength and durability are crucial for the runner, as it must endure the mechanical stresses and water flow pressures that are inherent to its operation.

The control mode of the Francis Turbine Generator is fully automatic, which greatly simplifies the operation of the power plant. This automation ensures a consistent and efficient generation of electricity while minimizing the need for manual intervention. It also provides improved safety, as the system can quickly respond to any changes in operating conditions, adjust the flow of water, and maintain optimal performance without the need for constant human oversight.

With a variety of rated voltages, including 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, and 10kV, the Francis Turbine Generator is adaptable to different electrical grid requirements. This flexibility allows the generator to be tailored to the specific voltage standards of the region or country where it is installed, ensuring compatibility with the local power distribution network. This range of voltages also allows for the efficient transmission of generated electricity over long distances with minimal loss.

The Francis Turbine Generator is known by several names, reflecting its design and function. As a Francis Hydro Turbine Generator, it emphasizes the harnessing of hydro power. As a Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator, it underscores the use of hydraulic principles in its operation. And as a Francis Water Turbine Generator, it highlights the essential role of water in its electricity generation process.

In conclusion, the Francis Turbine Generator represents a pinnacle of hydroelectric technology, offering a blend of efficiency, durability, and flexibility. Whether referred to as the Francis Hydro Turbine Generator, Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator, or Francis Water Turbine Generator, this product stands as a testament to the power of water and engineering in generating sustainable energy for our world. Its automatic control mode, stainless steel runner, and adaptable installation make it a top choice for power plants around the globe seeking reliable and eco-friendly electricity generation solutions.



  • Product Name: Francis Turbine Generator
  • Rated Speed: 450-1000RPM
  • Runner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 300KW-20MW
  • Application: Power Plant
  • Keywords: Francis Water Turbine Generator, Francis Hydro Turbine Generator
Power Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Automatic Control 450-1000RPM 20m-300M Head 50Hz/60Hz 0Power Francis Turbine Generator 300KW-20MW Automatic Control 450-1000RPM 20m-300M Head 50Hz/60Hz 1

Technical Parameters:

Application Power Plant
Rated Speed 450-1000RPM
Runner Material Stainless Steel
Installation Mode Vertical Or Horizontal
Rated Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Rated Power 300KW-20MW
Rated Water Head 20m-300M
Control Mode Automatic
Type Francis Turbine Generator
Rated Voltage 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV


The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator, model Francis HL-WJ-60, is an exemplary product designed for a myriad of applications and scenarios. This generator is manufactured in the renowned industrial city of Deyang, China, ensuring customers benefit from the meticulous engineering and technological expertise synonymous with the region. Each unit holds an esteemed ISO, CE, and TUV certification, reflecting its compliance with international quality and safety standards.

The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Hydro Turbine Generator is suitable for installation in various hydropower stations. Given its robust design and stainless steel runner, it is particularly apt for medium and high head applications where water flow conditions are consistent. The product's versatility is underscored by its installation mode, which can be either vertical or horizontal, accommodating different site specifications and hydrological conditions.

With a minimum order quantity of just one set and a competitive price of $40,000, the Dongsen-DSSD generator represents an accessible investment for many hydropower projects. The packaging details promise secure export packing, including wooden cases complemented by plastic film, ensuring the generator's integrity during transportation. Prospective clients can anticipate a delivery time of 200 days, with payment terms accommodating T/T transactions.

The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator boasts an impressive supply ability of up to 500 units per year, meeting the demands of both small-scale and large-scale hydropower developments. The automatic control mode of this generator ensures seamless operation and integration into existing power systems, coupled with rated voltages ranging from 400V to 10kV and a rated frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, adaptable to various regional power grid requirements.

Ideal for renewable energy projects, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator can be utilized in irrigation districts, municipal water supply systems, and water treatment plants. Its energy-efficient design not only contributes to reducing carbon footprints but also maximizes return on investment through long-term, sustainable power generation.

In conclusion, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis HL-WJ-60 is a versatile, high-quality hydro turbine generator that promises reliability, efficiency, and adaptability. From the initial purchase to its operational lifecycle, this generator is designed to deliver consistent performance, underpinning the growing shift towards renewable energy solutions worldwide.



Brand Name: Dongsen-DSSD

Model Number: Francis HL-WJ-60

Place of Origin: Deyang, China

Certification: ISO, CE, TUV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: USD 40000

Packaging Details: Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film)

Delivery Time: 200 Days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500 per year

Application: Power Plant

Runner Material: Stainless Steel

Rated Water Head: 20m-300M

Rated Efficiency: 90%-96%

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/ 60HZ

Product Description: The Dongsen-DSSD Francis HL-WJ-60 is a premium Francis Steam Turbine Generator designed for modern power plants. With its robust construction and state-of-the-art design, it is built for efficiency and reliability, offering a rated efficiency of 90%-96%. This Francis Steam Turbine Generator is certified with ISO, CE, and TUV standards, ensuring top quality and performance. Suitable for a wide range of water head conditions from 20m to 300M, the Francis Steam Turbine Generator offers flexibility for different hydro power projects. Manufactured in Deyang, China, the Dongsen-DSSD brand guarantees a supply ability of 500 units per year, making it a reliable choice for your power generation needs.


Support and Services:

The Francis Turbine Generator is designed for high performance and reliability. Our comprehensive Product Technical Support and Services are available to ensure your equipment operates at its best. We offer a range of services including installation guidance, operational training, maintenance planning, troubleshooting, performance analysis, and upgrade recommendations. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve optimal efficiency and longevity for your Francis Turbine Generator. Please refer to your user manual or our online resources for more detailed information on our support services.

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