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Vertical or Horizontal Francis Water Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Runner

Vertical or Horizontal Francis Water Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Runner

Vertical Francis Water Turbine Generator

Horizontal Francis Water Turbine Generator

Stainless Steel Francis Water Turbine Generator

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:

Francis HL-WJ-60

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Product Details
Rated Power:
Installation Mode:
Vertical Or Horizontal
Rated Speed:
Francis Turbine Generator
Rated Frequency:
50Hz/ 60HZ
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel
Control Mode:
Power Plant
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film )
Delivery Time
200 Days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 per year
Product Description

Vertical or Horizontal Francis Water Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Runner

Product Description:

The Francis Turbine Generator is an embodiment of modern hydroelectric technology that merges performance with durability to cater to the needs of power generation in power plants. This sophisticated energy conversion device transforms the kinetic energy of water into valuable electrical power, offering a renewable energy solution that is both eco-conscious and efficient. As the world increasingly turns to sustainable energy sources, the Francis Turbine Generator stands out as an essential component for green power infrastructure.

Designed with an automatic control mode, the Francis Turbine Generator ensures seamless operation without the need for constant manual intervention. This feature is particularly beneficial for power plant applications where reliability and ease of operation are paramount. The automation system adjusts the turbine’s performance based on the flow of water and electricity demand, ensuring that the generator operates at optimal efficiency at all times.

At the heart of the Francis Turbine Generator is its runner, crafted from premium stainless steel. This material is not only strong and durable but also resistant to corrosion and wear, which are common challenges in the harsh environments of power plants. Stainless steel extends the lifespan of the turbine and reduces maintenance requirements, ensuring uninterrupted operation and a greater return on investment for energy producers.

With a rated power that spans a wide range from 300KW to 20MW, the Francis Turbine Generator can serve a diverse array of power plants, from small community-based installations to large-scale utility providers. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for different scales of power generation, capable of meeting various energy demands while maintaining high-performance standards.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Francis Turbine Generator is its rated efficiency, which ranges between 90% and 96%. This exceptional efficiency rating is indicative of the generator's ability to convert the majority of the water’s kinetic energy into electrical power with minimal losses. High efficiency is not only beneficial for environmental reasons but also economically advantageous, as it translates to more energy output per unit of water used, thus maximizing the profitability of power generation operations.

The Francis Turbine Generator is often referred to as a Francis Steam Turbine Generator when emphasizing its ability to work with steam in combined-cycle plants or as a Francis Hydro Turbine Generator when highlighting its hydroelectric capabilities. Regardless of the nomenclature, the essence of the product remains its exceptional adaptability and efficiency in converting fluid energy into electrical power.

Power plant operators who choose the Francis Turbine Generator can expect a robust and reliable solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing infrastructure. Its stainless steel construction, combined with the automatic control system, ensures that the generator is not only easy to operate but also stands the test of time with minimal wear and tear. The result is a continuous and reliable source of clean energy that supports the growing demand for sustainable power solutions around the globe.

In conclusion, the Francis Turbine Generator is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that is essential for modern power plants looking to harness the power of water for electricity generation. Its impressive efficiency, broad range of power ratings, and automatic control mode make it a top choice for energy producers focused on reliability, sustainability, and profitability. Whether referred to as a Francis Steam Turbine Generator or Francis Hydro Turbine Generator, this product remains a cornerstone in the field of renewable energy, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels and setting the standard for future innovations in hydroelectric power generation.



  • Product Name: Francis Turbine Generator
  • Rated Voltage: 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV
  • Rated Speed: 450-1000RPM
  • Runner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rated Water Head: 20m-300m
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Type: Francis Water Turbine Generator
Vertical or Horizontal Francis Water Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Runner 0

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Type Francis Turbine Generator
Rated Power 300KW-20MW
Rated Voltage 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV
Rated Efficiency 90%-96%
Rated Water Head 20m-300m
Control Mode Automatic
Rated Speed 450-1000RPM
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Installation Mode Vertical Or Horizontal
Runner Material Stainless Steel


The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator, specifically the model Francis HL-WJ-60, is an exemplary piece of machinery designed for efficiency and reliability in power generation applications. Originating from Deyang, China, this generator has passed rigorous standards to achieve certifications such as ISO, CE, and TUV, ensuring its quality and performance. With a minimum order quantity of just one set and a competitive price of $40,000, it is an accessible solution for a wide range of power generation needs.

In terms of product application occasions and scenarios, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis HL-WJ-60 is versatile and adaptable to various settings, thanks to its rated water head range of 20m-300M and the option for either vertical or horizontal installation modes. This makes it suitable for small to medium-sized power plants, especially those located in areas with varying water head heights. It can be installed as part of new plant constructions or integrated into existing infrastructures as an upgrade or replacement for less efficient generators.

The packaging details are meticulously crafted to ensure the safety and integrity of the generator during transportation. Export packing, involving wooden cases and plastic film, is standard to protect the generator against potential damages. The expected delivery time is 200 days, which allows for careful manufacturing and quality control processes. Payment is facilitated through T/T terms, and with an impressive supply ability of 500 sets per year, Dongsen-DSSD can meet the demands of numerous clients simultaneously.

The application of the Francis HL-WJ-60 extends to several types of renewable energy projects. As a Francis Steam Turbine Generator, it can be utilized in thermal power plants where steam is the primary driving force. In the context of a Francis Water Turbine Generator, it is ideal for hydroelectric power plants that harness the energy of water flow. Lastly, as a Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator, it is equally effective in projects that require hydraulic power conversion to electrical energy. The generator's rated voltages of 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, and 10kV allow for integration with different grid requirements, ensuring its adaptability and broad application scope.

In conclusion, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator is a robust, reliable, and versatile piece of equipment that is well-suited for various power generation scenarios. Whether for a newly developing power plant or a retrofit in an established facility, the Francis HL-WJ-60 model stands as a solid investment in sustainable and efficient energy production.



Brand Name: Dongsen-DSSD

Model Number: Francis HL-WJ-60

Place of Origin: Deyang, China

Certification: ISO, CE, TUV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: $40,000

Packaging Details: Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film)

Delivery Time: 200 Days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500 per year

Rated Power: 300KW-20MW

Runner Material: Stainless Steel

Control Mode: Automatic

Rated Water Head: 20m-300M

Rated Speed: 450-1000RPM

Experience the superior performance of the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Hydro Turbine Generator , designed for a wide range of hydraulic head conditions. The Francis Steam Turbine Generator model Francis HL-WJ-60 is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency. Our Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator is built with precision, utilizing stainless steel for the runner material and featuring an automatic control mode for ease of operation. Assembled in Deyang, China, and meeting international standards with ISO, CE, and TUV certifications, our generators promise reliability and robustness for renewable energy projects across the globe.


Support and Services:

The Francis Turbine Generator product offers comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Our team of experienced engineers and technical specialists is dedicated to providing expert assistance for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We offer a range of services, including:

Installation Support: Guidance through the installation process to ensure your Francis Turbine Generator is set up correctly and optimally configured for your specific application requirements.

Maintenance Services: Scheduled maintenance plans to help prolong the life of your equipment and maintain its high performance. Our services include routine inspections, wear part replacement, and performance optimization.

Technical Troubleshooting: Quick and effective problem-solving support to address any operational issues. Our experts are available to diagnose and resolve technical problems to minimize downtime.

Upgrades and Refurbishments: Advice and implementation of the latest upgrades to improve efficiency and adapt to evolving demands. Refurbishment services are also available to restore your turbine generator to its original performance specifications.

Training Programs: Customized training sessions for your team to ensure they are fully equipped to operate and maintain the Francis Turbine Generator. Training can be conducted on-site or remotely, depending on your needs.

Parts and Spares: We provide a full inventory of genuine parts and spares designed for your specific Francis Turbine Generator model to ensure compatibility and performance.

Our commitment to excellence in technical support and customer service is unwavering. We strive to deliver the highest level of service to keep your Francis Turbine Generator running smoothly and efficiently.

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