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100kw-50mw Pelton Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Cast Iron F Insulation Air/Oil Cooling 6-10kV Rated Voltage

100kw-50mw Pelton Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Cast Iron F Insulation Air/Oil Cooling 6-10kV Rated Voltage

F Insulation Pelton Turbine Generator

6-10kV Pelton Turbine Generator

Oil Cooling Pelton Turbine Generator

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:

CJ-pelton hydro turbine

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Product Details
Cast Iron/Stainless Steel
Power Output:
Product Name:
Pelton Turbine Generator
Power Plant/Hydropower Station
Cooling Method:
Air/Oil Cooling
Insulation Class:
Rated Voltage:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film )
Delivery Time
150 Days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 per year
Product Description

Product Description:

The Pelton Turbine Generator stands as a paragon of engineering and energy efficiency within the realm of hydroelectric power generation. It is a quintessential example of a Pelton Type Turbine Generator, which harnesses the kinetic energy of water to produce electricity. This particular generator is developed for robust and long-term service in power plants and hydropower stations, where the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy is of paramount importance for the generation of clean, renewable energy.

The Pelton Turbine Generator is designed to cater to the high demands of modern power generation facilities. The unit's weight ranges from 5 to 50 tons, ensuring stability and the ability to withstand the high stresses involved in hydroelectric generation. This weight specification also reflects the substantial build quality and the heavy-duty materials used in its construction, such as cast iron and stainless steel. These materials are not only chosen for their strength but also for their resistance to corrosion and wear, which is vital in a moist and turbulent environment.

When it comes to insulation, the Pelton Turbine Generator is built with Class F insulation, which is resistant to temperatures up to 155°C. This high level of insulation is critical for any generator, as it ensures that the electrical components are protected from the heat generated during operation. This protection is an assurance of both safety and longevity, as it prevents overheating and the potential degradation of the generator's internal components over time.

Targeted specifically for application in power plants and hydropower stations, the Pelton Turbine Generator is an embodiment of adaptability and efficiency. It is designed to operate at rated frequencies of either 50Hz or 60Hz, making it suitable for integration into various electrical grids worldwide. This flexibility in frequency allows for a smoother transition and compatibility with local, regional, and international power systems.

One of the distinguishing features of the Pelton Type Turbine Generator is its unique method of energy conversion. Unlike other turbines that require direct contact with water for the blades to turn, the Pelton Turbine Generator utilizes a specialized design in which individual buckets attached to the wheel are struck by water jets. This method allows for a more precise control of the water flow and maximizes the extraction of energy from the water's momentum, which translates into higher efficiency and better performance of the generator.

The construction materials of the Pelton Turbine Generator, which include cast iron and stainless steel, are meticulously selected to ensure durability and optimal operation. Cast iron provides a robust and sturdy structure for the generator, capable of enduring the physical demands of daily operation. Stainless steel, known for its rust-resistant properties, is used in parts of the generator that are in constant contact with water. This strategic use of materials guarantees that the Pelton Turbine Generator will maintain its integrity and functionality even in the harshest of conditions.

In conclusion, the Pelton Turbine Generator is a superior choice for those in the market for a reliable and efficient Pelton Type Turbine Generator. With its heavy-duty construction, high-grade insulation, and flexible operational frequencies, it is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of power generation. Whether it's for a new power plant project or the upgrade of an existing hydropower station, investing in a Pelton Turbine Generator means investing in a product that delivers performance, durability, and an unwavering commitment to renewable energy production.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Product Name Pelton Turbine Generator
Material Cast Iron/Stainless Steel
Efficiency 85-95%
Application Power Plant/Hydropower Station
Rated Current 100-1000A
Dimension Customized
Speed Range 500-3000r/min
Power Output 100kw-50mw
Cooling Method Air/Oil Cooling
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz


The DSSD Pelton Turbine Generator, with its model number CJ-pelton hydro turbine, is a state-of-the-art solution designed for high head hydroelectric applications. Sourced directly from the manufacturing hub in DeYang, SiChuan, China, this water jet turbine generator stands out with its remarkable build quality and performance, certified under ISO, CE, and TUV standards that underscore its reliability and safety.

Fitting for power plants and hydropower stations, this Pelton turbine generator is engineered to harness the kinetic energy of water jets to generate electricity. Its robust design allows it to operate efficiently across a wide range of power outputs from 100kw to 50mw, making it versatile for various installation scenarios. With a high insulation class of F, this generator promises longevity and sustained performance even under the most demanding conditions.

As an ideal candidate for high head locations where water is available at significant height differentials, the DSSD Pelton Turbine Generator capitalizes on its environment, translating the energy of falling water into electrical power. The precision-engineered nozzles and buckets ensure maximum energy transfer from the water jet to the turbine, defining this unit as a high head Pelton turbine of exceptional caliber.

With a delivery time of 150 days, each unit of the DSSD Pelton Turbine Generator is packaged carefully in export packing that includes wooden cases and plastic film to ensure its safe arrival. The minimum order quantity for this powerhouse is one set, with a price point of 30000. This investment is not only viable for its cost-effectiveness but also for its contribution to sustainable energy production.

Offering a rated frequency of 50/60Hz, the DSSD Pelton Turbine Generator is adaptable to various grid requirements worldwide. With the ability to supply up to 500 units per year, DSSD ensures that their high head Pelton turbine can meet the demands of expanding power generation needs. The payment terms are set to EXW to facilitate the purchase process, making it accessible for power generation entities with varying operational scales.

In conclusion, the DSSD Pelton Turbine Generator is an exemplary water jet turbine generator that finds its application in scenarios where efficiency, reliability, and power output variability are paramount. From its place of origin in the industrious city of DeYang to its critical role in sustainable energy generation, this Pelton turbine generator is a testament to the prowess of modern hydropower technology.



Brand Name: DSSD

Product Name: Pelton Turbine Generator

Model Number: CJ-pelton hydro turbine

Place of Origin: DeYang, SiChuan, China

Certification: ISO, CE, TUV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: $30,000

Packaging Details: Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film)

Delivery Time: 150 Days

Payment Terms: EXW

Supply Ability: 500 per year

Cooling Method: Air/Oil Cooling

Application: Power Plant/Hydropower Station

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated Current: 100-1000A

Discover the efficiency of the Water Jet Turbine Generator with DSSD's state-of-the-art High Head Pelton Turbine . Engineered for optimal performance in Power Plant and Hydropower Station applications, this Pelton Turbine Power Generator offers a robust solution for your energy needs.

100kw-50mw Pelton Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Cast Iron F Insulation Air/Oil Cooling 6-10kV Rated Voltage 0100kw-50mw Pelton Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Cast Iron F Insulation Air/Oil Cooling 6-10kV Rated Voltage 1100kw-50mw Pelton Turbine Generator Stainless Steel Cast Iron F Insulation Air/Oil Cooling 6-10kV Rated Voltage 2

Support and Services:

The Pelton Turbine Generator is a highly efficient hydroelectric system designed to convert the energy of flowing water into electrical power. Our Product Technical Support and Services are dedicated to ensuring that your Pelton Turbine Generator operates at its optimal performance level.

Our services include comprehensive troubleshooting assistance to address any operational issues you may experience with your generator. We provide guidance on installation, maintenance, and repair to ensure your turbine maintains high efficiency and longevity. Our team is well-versed in the latest Pelton turbine technology and is equipped to offer expert advice and practical solutions.

Additionally, we offer periodic maintenance services to help prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the life of your equipment. Our technical support also includes providing access to a wide range of replacement parts and upgrades that are compatible with your Pelton Turbine Generator, ensuring that you can maintain your system with the highest quality components.

For any technical inquiries or support needs, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to assist you with detailed product knowledge and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a swift and effective response to all service requests to minimize downtime and improve your system's performance.

Please note that on-site support may be available depending on your location and the specifics of your issue. Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and services required to achieve optimal operation of your Pelton Turbine Generator.


Packing and Shipping:

The Pelton Turbine Generator is securely packaged to ensure its safety during transportation. The generator is encased in a sturdy, shock-absorbent frame that is surrounded by a layer of protective foam padding to cushion against impacts. The entire unit is then wrapped in a durable, moisture-resistant plastic sheet to safeguard against environmental elements.

For shipping, the packaged generator is placed inside a heavy-duty wooden crate, designed to withstand the rigors of transit. The crate is sealed and banded for added security and stability. Clear labeling on the outside of the crate indicates the handling instructions and cautions to ensure proper transportation. Each package includes a detailed packing list and all necessary documentation for customs and importation processes.

Prior to dispatch, the packaged Pelton Turbine Generator is inspected to verify that it meets all packaging and shipping regulations. It is then loaded onto the transport vehicle with care, ready for delivery to the destination. We utilize trusted freight carriers to ensure that your product arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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