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Stainless Steel Vertical Francis Turbine Generator 400V-10kV 50Hz/60HZ 300KW-20MW Power

Stainless Steel Vertical Francis Turbine Generator 400V-10kV 50Hz/60HZ 300KW-20MW Power

400V-10kV Francis Turbine Generator

50Hz/60HZ Francis Turbine Generator

300KW-20MW Francis Turbine Generator

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:

Francis HL-WJ-60

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Product Details
Francis Turbine Generator
Rated Frequency:
50Hz/ 60HZ
Power Plant
Rated Voltage:
400V 800V 6.3kV 10kV
Rated Power:
Installation Mode:
Vertical Or Horizontal
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel
Rated Water Head:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film )
Delivery Time
200 Days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
500 per year
Product Description

Product Description:

The Francis Turbine Generator is a sophisticated and versatile piece of hydroelectric machinery designed to convert the energy of flowing water into electrical power. This turbine generator is named after James B. Francis, who significantly improved the design in the 1840s. It has since become one of the most widely used turbine generators in the world, prized for its efficiency and adaptability to a broad range of head and flow conditions. Engineered for longevity and peak performance, the Francis Turbine Generator is an essential component in modern hydropower generation projects.

One of the most notable features of the Francis Turbine Generator is its installation flexibility. It can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, making it suitable for various hydroelectric power station layouts. This versatility allows for a more efficient use of space and can be a critical factor in the design and construction of a power generation facility.

The generator's rated power ranges from 300KW to 20MW, catering to the needs of small, medium, and large-scale hydroelectric projects. This wide power range means that the Francis Turbine Generator can be effectively utilized in a diverse array of settings, from small rural communities to large metropolitan areas where the demand for electricity is much higher. The ability to produce a substantial amount of power makes the Francis Hydro Turbine Generator an invaluable resource for sustainable energy production.

With a rated speed of 450 to 1000 RPM, the Francis Turbine Generator operates efficiently to convert the kinetic energy of water into mechanical energy, which is then transformed into electrical energy by the generator. This optimal speed range ensures the turbine runs smoothly under various operating conditions, maintaining a balance between performance and longevity of the equipment.

The Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator is specifically designed to work at a rated frequency of either 50Hz or 60Hz. This makes the turbine compatible with the majority of the world's electrical grids, ensuring that the power it produces can be easily distributed and utilized without requiring substantial modifications to existing power systems.

Type-wise, the Francis Turbine Generator is a powerhouse in the realm of hydroelectric generation. Its robust construction and advanced engineering make it well-suited to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, while its design ensures optimal energy conversion. The Francis design is known for being highly efficient over a wide range of flow conditions, and this generator is no exception. It can handle significant variations in water flow without a considerable loss of efficiency, which is particularly useful in areas where water flow is not consistent throughout the year.

Environmental sustainability is a significant consideration in the development of power generation technologies, and the Francis Steam Turbine Generator stands out as an eco-friendly choice. By harnessing the power of water – a clean, renewable resource – the Francis Turbine Generator produces electricity without emitting pollutants or greenhouse gases. This makes it an attractive option for regions and countries looking to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to greener energy sources.

In conclusion, the Francis Turbine Generator is a highly efficient, flexible, and reliable hydroelectric generator that is well-suited for a wide range of power generation needs. Its ability to adapt to different installation modes, along with a substantial power range, optimal speed, and compatibility with various electrical grids, makes it a top choice for those looking to harness the power of water for electricity generation. Whether for a small community or a large city, the Francis Hydro Turbine Generator stands as a testament to sustainable engineering excellence.


  • Product Name: Francis Turbine Generator
  • Rated Water Head: 20m-300m
  • Rated Speed: 450-1000RPM
  • Control Mode: Automatic
  • Runner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rated Voltage: 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV
  • Also Known As: Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator
  • Alternative Name: Francis Hydro Turbine Generator
  • Also Referred to As: Francis Water Turbine Generator

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Runner Material Stainless Steel
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Voltage 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV
Rated Power 300KW-20MW
Rated Efficiency 90%-96%
Installation Mode Vertical Or Horizontal
Application Power Plant
Control Mode Automatic
Rated Water Head 20m-300M
Rated Speed 450-1000RPM


The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator, model number Francis HL-WJ-60, is a state-of-the-art hydraulic power generation unit manufactured in Deyang, China. This turbine generator has been meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, with certifications from respected bodies such as ISO, CE, and TUV. The Francis Turbine Generator is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in power plants that require a reliable and efficient power generation solution.

With an installation mode that can be either vertical or horizontal, the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Water Turbine Generator is a versatile unit that can be adapted to various site conditions. This flexibility is particularly important for power plants that are constrained by spatial limitations or require a specific orientation for optimal performance.

The minimum order quantity for this premium product is one set, with a competitive price of $40,000. The packaging details are meticulously planned to ensure safe transportation, with the generator being secured in export packing that includes wooden cases and plastic film. A delivery time of 200 days is quoted, ensuring that clients receive their Francis Hydraulic Turbine Generator with enough time to plan for a smooth integration into their power generation system.

Payment terms are convenient, with T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) being accepted, and the supply ability stands at an impressive 500 units per year. This ensures that even large-scale power generation requirements can be met promptly. The rated speed of the turbine generator ranges from 450 to 1000 RPM, accommodating different operational needs, while the rated frequency can be set to either 50Hz or 60Hz, making it suitable for various regional power grids.

The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Steam Turbine Generator is not only a testament to advanced engineering but also to the adaptability and efficiency required for modern power plants. Its robust construction and reliable output make it a preferred choice for energy production in diverse scenarios, from small-scale community power projects to large industrial facilities. As environmental concerns and the demand for sustainable energy sources grow, the Francis Turbine Generator stands ready to deliver clean, efficient power for a greener future.


Brand Name: Dongsen-DSSD

Model Number: Francis HL-WJ-60

Place of Origin: Deyang, China

Certification: ISO, CE, TUV

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: USD 40000

Packaging Details: Export packing (wooden cases+plastic film)

Delivery Time: 200 Days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500 per year

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Application: Power Plant

Rated Power: 300KW-20MW

Rated Efficiency: 90%-96%

Rated Voltage: 400V, 800V, 6.3kV, 10kV

Our Francis Turbine Generator, available in both Francis Steam Turbine Generator and Francis Hydro Turbine Generator configurations, is specially designed for power plant applications. With its robust design by Dongsen-DSSD and a model number Francis HL-WJ-60, this turbine generator exhibits a rated efficiency of 90%-96%, ensuring optimal performance. Manufactured in Deyang, China, and backed by certifications from ISO, CE, and TUV, each unit is built to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The minimum order quantity starts at just one set, with a competitive price of USD 40000. Packaging is carried out with utmost care, using export packing methods which include wooden cases and plastic film to secure the product during transit. Customers can expect a delivery time of 200 days, with payment terms via T/T. Our Francis Turbine Generator comes with a rated voltage range from 400V to 10kV and operates at rated frequencies of 50Hz or 60Hz. With the capacity to supply 500 units per year, we ensure that our clients’ power generation needs are met efficiently. Choose our Francis Steam Turbine Generator or Francis Hydro Turbine Generator for a reliable and high-efficiency power solution.

Support and Services:

The Francis Turbine Generator is designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation. Our product technical support and services are dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your Francis Turbine Generator. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that include:

- Installation Guidance: Our team provides detailed instructions and support to facilitate the correct installation of your Francis Turbine Generator, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency from day one.

- Operation Manuals: Comprehensive documentation is provided to help you understand the full capabilities of your turbine generator and how to operate it safely and effectively.

- Maintenance Support: We offer guidance on routine maintenance procedures to help you keep your turbine generator in top condition, thereby extending its service life and reducing the need for costly repairs.

- Troubleshooting Assistance: Should you encounter any operational issues, our technical support team is ready to assist with troubleshooting steps to quickly identify and resolve problems.

- Spare Parts Provision: We provide high-quality, genuine spare parts for your Francis Turbine Generator to ensure that any necessary repairs are performed with components that meet our exacting standards.

- Technical Training: Tailored training sessions are available to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain your generator effectively.

- Upgrade Advice: As technology evolves, we can offer recommendations on upgrades and enhancements that can be made to your Francis Turbine Generator to improve performance and efficiency.

Our technical support team is committed to providing the highest level of service to ensure your Francis Turbine Generator operates smoothly and reliably for years to come. We are dedicated to partnering with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your power generation needs.


Q1: What is the brand and model number of the Francis Turbine Generator?

A1: The brand of the Francis Turbine Generator is Dongsen-DSSD, and the model number is Francis HL-WJ-60.

Q2: Where is the Francis Turbine Generator manufactured?

A2: The Francis Turbine Generator is manufactured in Deyang, China.

Q3: What certifications does the Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator hold?

A3: The Dongsen-DSSD Francis Turbine Generator is certified by ISO, CE, and TUV.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity and price for the Francis Turbine Generator?

A4: The minimum order quantity for the Francis Turbine Generator is 1 set, and the price is $40,000.

Q5: What are the packaging and delivery details for the Francis Turbine Generator?

A5: The Francis Turbine Generator is packaged using export packing, which includes wooden cases and plastic film. The delivery time is approximately 200 days.

Q6: What are the payment terms and supply ability for the Francis Turbine Generator?

A6: The payment terms for the Francis Turbine Generator are T/T, and the supply ability is 500 units per year.

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