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Reliable Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator Rated Voltage 220-11000V

Reliable Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator Rated Voltage 220-11000V

60Hz Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator

Permanent Magnet Hydro Turbine Generator

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Model Number:

ZL;kaplan turbine

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Product Details
Generator Frequency:
Power Factor:
Runner Diameter:
Generator Type:
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Generator Voltage:
Generator Power:
Rated Head:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden box
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is designed to harness the power of water and convert it into electricity. This product has a runner diameter of 0.6-2m, with a rated speed of 100-1500r/min and a high efficiency of 88-96%. Thanks to its advanced design, this turbine generator is able to achieve a long lifetime of 30-60 years, making it a reliable and sustainable choice for power generation. Furthermore, this product is designed to be user friendly and cost-effective, making it suitable for a variety of applications. With Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator, you can expect a high-efficiency turbine generator that helps you to save energy and reduce costs.



  • Product Name: Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Color: Customized
  • Rated Speed: 100-1500r/min
  • Power Factor: 0.8-0.9
  • Generator Voltage: 220-11000V
  • Highlight: Water-Powered Turbine Generator, High-Efficiency Turbine Generator

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator
High-Efficiency Turbine Generator/Water-Powered Turbine Generator Yes
Generator Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Generator Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Speed 100-1500r/min
Generator Voltage 220-11000V
Lifespan 30-60years
Runner Diameter 0.6-2m
Generator Power 100-20MW
Efficiency 88-96%
Warranty Period 1year


Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator

DSSD Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is a type of water-powered turbine generator with model number ZL and certification of ISO, TVS, and CE. It is made from DeYang, SiChuan, China and the minimum order quantity is 1. The price ranges from 30000-5000000 and it will be packed in wooden box.

The delivery time is 1-3 months and payment terms are T/T, L/C. It has the supply ability of 500 sets and the generator type is permanent magnet synchronous generator. The rated head is 5-50m and the rated speed is 100-1500r/min. The rated voltage is 220-11000V.

The Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is a reliable and efficient water-powered turbine generator. It offers great value for its price, and it is renowned for its durability and quality. The Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is designed to provide a reliable power source for all kinds of applications, from small-scale residential projects to large-scale industrial projects. It is perfect for providing power for small-scale hydropower projects, as well as for providing power for larger-scale projects such as water-pumping stations.

The Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is a cost-effective and reliable power solution for businesses and homes. It is easy to install and maintain, and it provides continuous and reliable power all year round. It is also a great choice for those who are looking for an environmentally-friendly and efficient power source.


Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator

Brand Name: DSSD
Model Number: ZL;kaplan turbine
Place of Origin: DeYang,SiChuan,China
Certification: ISO,TVS,CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 30000-5000000
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 1-3months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 500sets
Rated Speed: 100-1500r/min
Generator Power: 100-20MW
Generator Type: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Runner Material: Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage: 220-11000V

Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is a high-performance, low-cost product with high efficiency and reliability. It adopts advanced technology and reliable material, with strong structure, excellent performance and high operation rate. It is widely used in hydropower stations, irrigation and drainage projects, water conservancy projects, and other industrial and mining enterprises. It has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, strong reliability, low noise and long service life.

The Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator is equipped with high-quality permanent magnet synchronous generator, which has low noise, low vibration and high efficiency. Its stainless steel runner has high strength and corrosion resistance, and its high-precision mechanical seal can effectively extend the service life of the product. In addition, its reasonable design and advanced technology make it easy to maintain and operate, and its low cost and high efficiency make it an ideal choice for hydropower projects.


Reliable Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator Rated Voltage 220-11000V 0Reliable Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator Rated Voltage 220-11000V 1

Support and Services:

Kaplan Hydro Turbine Generator provides technical support and service to customers. These services include:

  • 24/7 technical support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Regular system inspections and upgrades
  • Training seminars and workshops
  • Customized product design and engineering services
  • Consulting services

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