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Industrial Automatic Water Filter Plant CNC Machining For Power Station

Industrial Automatic Water Filter Plant CNC Machining For Power Station

CNC Machining Water Filter Plant

Water Filter Plant For Power Station

CNC Machining Automatic Water Filter

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Automatic Water Filter Plant Water Filter

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Automatic Water Filter Plant Water Filter
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Automatic Water Filter Plant Water Filter Pipe Water Filter Industrial Water Filter Manufacturer


一, automatic water filter use:
Automatic water filter is installed in power station, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, paper and other industries for water supply pipeline, mainly suitable for DG100mm below the pipeline, so as to replace the secondary filter screen, save costs, and has the following advantages;
1. The automatic water filter has the advantages of compact structure, small space, flexible installation and convenient arrangement. It has standard structure for users to choose, and can also be specially designed according to the site layout conditions of users.
2, sewage effect is good: the product is designed with a fixed grid core, regional local strengthening back washing and a new structure of stepping rotating sewage hopper.
3, Running water resistance is small, filtration flow is large and precision is high.

二, automatic water filter structure:

The water filter is composed of ① rotating pump ② positioning rod ③ bracket shell ④ network core ⑤ water inlet ⑥ water outlet ⑦ sewage outlet, etc.
The general water quality is fresh water type, the filter screen and the main internal parts are made of stainless steel.
Seawater and other strong acid and alkali type recommended contact medium parts using special stainless steel material.

三,Working principle of automatic water filter

Automatic water filter access to the pipeline system, water will enter the water filter from the inlet, filtered water from the outlet outflow, when the water impurities through the core, because the volume is greater than the core hole, and the vent left on the core, when accumulated to a certain amount, that is, caused by a certain pressure difference between the inlet and outlet.
At this time, the network core can be rotated for automatic backwashing, so that the water vertical wash the dirt in the filter screen, sewage quickly and thoroughly;
Due to the unique structure of the network core, it avoids the interference of the adjacent forward flow, and all the impurities will be discharged from the sewage outlet by themselves.
And so on and so on.
The industrial water filter backwash alternative small water filter, secondary filter can be arbitrary precision, and small volume, low cost, in general, need not to increase the power source, only need to use manual, handle according to the designated location marked on the product, in turn, turn, the inside of the water filter several filter chamber cleaning is one by one, thus achieve the goal of automatic recoil filter impurities in water.
The operation mode of the electronic control system is divided into three kinds: automatic control mode, manual control mode and electric control mode.




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