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10500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator

10500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator

10500v Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator

50mw Water Hydro Generator

93% efficiency hydro turbine generator

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kaplan turbine

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Product Details
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo Or Casting Iron
1 Year
Product Name:
Turgo Turbine
Green Or Customer's Requirements
Rated Voltage:
400V 800V 6300V 10500V
Electricity Generator Type:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden packing
Delivery Time
6 months
Payment Terms
D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
Product Description

100kw 1mw 5mw 10mw 20MW 50MW Free Energy Power Turbine Water Hydro Generator



1.Main Features:


The turgo turbine hydro-generator set is mainly used for the water head of 20-100 meters. It is installed by pipeline and is easy to install. The main unit has two types of horizontal and vertical. The horizontal unit has simple structure, convenient maintenance and lower factory building. The height and the depth of the excavation are reduced. The vertical unit has a small plant area, and a plurality of nozzles can be installed on one runner, which has the advantages of high specific speed, relatively small size and light weight of the same capacity unit.

2.The nozzle

The nozzle is installed behind the pressure pipe manual governing valve.The nozzle is a conical tube. As the conical tube section area becomes smaller and smaller, the water flow accelerates gradually, forming a high-speed jet at the nozzle outlet and impacting the runner.
In order to adjust the flow rate and control the output of the unit, this kind of unit has better operation and higher efficiency.Some micro units are regulated by gate valves.

3.The runner

The runner is the heart of the turbine, the larger capacity of the oblique wheel, its blade is complex, the section is streamlined (such as the airfoil of the aircraft), the production and manufacturing process requirements are higher.As for the miniature oblique striking wheel, in order to simplify the production process and reduce the cost, it is made into a semi-spherical blade.The blades of the runner are made of 2 mm thick steel plates pressed on the punch press and trimmed by trimming. An impeller is generally composed of 18~22 blades.The whole manufacturing process is simple by assembling and welding the blades to form the runner.Oblique impact type runner is shown in the figure below.


10500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator 0



4. Product Paramenters


Water Head



Runner Diameters



Power Range


100KW to 70MW




Generator Voltage


400V, 800V, 6300V, 10500V

Layout pattern


Horizontal or Vertical



Stainless Steel ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo



Brushless or Static excitation system

Generator Insulation





30~50 years



Deyang Dongsen Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd.



MODEL /Water head(m)/ Flow Rate(m3/s) /Power(kW) /Speed(r/min) /Diameter(mm)

XJ13-L-10/1x2/ 9-18 /0.0079-0.012 /0.6/ 500-1500/ 80

XJ13-L-12/1x2.8/ 10-25 /0.009-0.015 /1 /500-1500 /90

XJ13-L-12/1x2.8/ 12-28/ 0.01-0.018/ 1.5 /500-1500/ 90

XJ13-L-13/1x2.8/ 15-30 /0.0114-0.023/ 2/ 500-1500 /100

XJ13-L-13/1x3/ 18-40 /0.0124-0.0135/ 3 /500-1500/ 100

XJ13-L-18/1x5/ 20-40/ 0.012-0.0156 /5 /500-1500 /150

XJ13-L-18/1x5/ 30-35/ 0.012-0.0156/ 5 /1500 /150

XJ13-L-18/1x5 /20-25/ 0.012-0.0156/ 5 /1000/ 150

XJ13-L-20/1*5/ 30-40 /0.0482-0.05 /10 /1000/ 200


5.Production display


10500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator 110500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator 210500v 50mw Stainless Steel Water Hydro Generator 3







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