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69MPa Turbine Spare Parts For Water Scarce Areas

69MPa Turbine Spare Parts For Water Scarce Areas

69MPa Turbine Spare Parts

Water Scarce Areas Turbine Spare Parts

69 MPa Hydraulic Oil Cooler

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oil cooler

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Product Details
Oil Cooler
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo Or Casting Iron
Hydraulic Turbine Unit Oil Cooler
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Wooden packing
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1 months
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D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram
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Product Description

Hydraulic Turbine Unit Oil Cooler




Product Paramenters


An air cooler is a heat exchanger that uses air to cool hot fluid. The hot fluid in the tube exchanges heat with the air outside the tube through the tube wall and fins, and the air used is usually supplied by a ventilator. Air coolers can be used for cooling or condensing, and are widely used in: condensation of top steam in oil refining and petrochemical industries; cooling of reflux oil and bottom oil; cooling of various reaction products; cooling of circulating gas and exhaust of power station turbines Condensation. The working pressure can reach 69 MPa. However, power consumption, noise and floor space are large, and the cooling effect is greatly affected by climate change.

Air cooler is abbreviated as air cooler. It uses air as a coolant and can be used as a cooler or a condenser. The air cooler is mainly composed of tube bundles, brackets and fans. The hot fluid of the air cooler flows in the tube, and the air blows through the tube bundle. Because the amount of ventilation required for heat exchange is large and the wind pressure is not high, axial fans are often used (see fluid conveying machinery).

The type and material of the air cooler tube bundle have a great influence on the performance of the air cooler. Because the heat transfer coefficient of the air side is very small, fins are often added outside the tube to increase the heat transfer area and fluid turbulence, and reduce thermal resistance. Most air coolers use radial fins. At present, air coolers usually use light tubes with an outer diameter of 25mm, low-fin tubes with a fin height of 12.5mm, and high-fin tubes with a fin height of 16mm. The fins are generally made of materials with high thermal conductivity (the most commonly used is aluminum), wound or inlaid on the light pipe. In order to strengthen the heat transfer effect of the air cooler, water can be sprayed in the inlet air for humidification. This not only reduces the air temperature, but also increases the heat transfer coefficient. The use of air coolers can save a lot of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and reduce infrastructure costs. Especially in water-scarce areas, replacing water-cooling with air-cooling can alleviate the contradiction of water shortage.


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