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High Efficiency Francis Hydro Turbine Water Powered 5mw Environment Friendly

High Efficiency Francis Hydro Turbine Water Powered 5mw Environment Friendly

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5mw Francis Hydro Turbine

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francis turbine generator

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Product Details
Stainless Steel
Product Name:
Francis Turbine For Sale Francis Turbina Generator Hydropower
Runner Material:
Stainless Steel ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo Or Casting Iron
Rated Rotor Speed:
200rpm 300rpm 500rpm 600rpm 750rpm 1000rpm
Speed Range:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden packing
Delivery Time
6 months
Payment Terms
D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
Product Description

High Efficiency Generator 5mw Water Turbine Francis


1. Brief Introduction


Francis turbines may be designed for a wide range of heads and flows. This, along with their high efficiency, has made them the most widely used turbine in the world. Francis type units cover a head range from 40 to 600 m (130 to 2,000 ft), and their connected generator output power varies from just a few kilowatts up to 800 MW. Large Francis turbines are individually designed for each site to operate with the given water supply and water head at the highest possible efficiency, typically over 90%.
In contrast to the Pelton turbine, the Francis turbine operates at its best completely filled with water at all times. The turbine and the outlet channel may be placed lower than the lake or sea level outside, reducing the tendency for cavitation.
In addition to electrical production, they may also be used for pumped storage, where a reservoir is filled by the turbine (acting as a pump) driven by the generator acting as a large electrical motor during periods of low power demand, and then reversed and used to generate power during peak demand. These pump storage reservoirs act as large energy storage sources to store "excess" electrical energy in the form of water in elevated reservoirs. This is one of a few methods that allow temporary excess electrical capacity to be stored for later utilization.


2. Product Paramenters


Water Head 25m-300m
Runner Diameters 0.45m-5m
Power Range 100KW to 20MW
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Generator Voltage 400V, 800V, 6300V, 10500V
Layout pattern Horizontal or Vertical
Material(blades) Stainless Steel ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo
Excitation Brushless or Static excitation system
Generator Insulation F/F
Lifespan 30~50 years
Manufacturer Deyang Dongsen Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd.


3. Application

High Efficiency Francis Hydro Turbine Water Powered 5mw Environment Friendly 0

A Francis turbine consists of the following main parts:


Draft tube: The draft tube is a conduit that connects the runner exit to the tail race where the water is discharged from the turbine. Its primary function is to reduce the velocity of discharged water to minimize the loss of kinetic energy at the outlet. This permits the turbine to be set above the tail water without appreciable drop of available head.


Guide and stay vanes: The primary function of the guide and stay vanes is to convert the pressure energy of the fluid into the momentum energy. It also serves to direct the flow at design angles to the runner blades.


Runner blades: Runner blades are the heart of any turbine. These are the centers where the fluid strikes and the tangential force of the impact causes the shaft of the turbine to rotate, producing torque. Close attention in design of blade angles at inlet and outlet is necessary, as these are major parameters affecting power production.


Spiral casing: The spiral casing around the runner of the turbine is known as the volute casing or scroll case. Throughout its length, it has numerous openings at regular intervals to allow the working fluid to impinge on the blades of the runner. These openings convert the pressure energy of the fluid into momentum energy just before the fluid impinges on the blades. This maintains a constant velocity despite the fact that numerous openings have been provided for the fluid to enter the blades, as the cross-sectional area of this casing decreases uniformly along the circumference.

4. Our advantages


1) We have senior engineering and technical experts, professional hydro-generator design team and installation team


2) Provide complete proposal for hydro power plant from water to wire


3) Abundant foreign power plant project implementation experience


4) Design and manufacture of hydro power generator with voltage 400V, 3.3KV, 6.3KV, or 10.5KV AC three phase



Our main products included:

(1) Kaplan turbine generators series.

(2) Turgo turbine generators series.

(3) Tubular turbine generators series.

(4) Francis turbine generators series.

(5) Pelton turbine generators series .

5. FAQ


1) Delivery period

Normally 6 months after confirmation of orders.


2) Package

We will use wooden box and plastic film to protect the products.


3) What Kind of hydroelectric generator should I choose?

Normally when you require, please let us know the details as follows, then we can provide the correct price for you.

1. Unit Capacity: ___KW

2. Water head:___M

3. Water flow:____M3/s

4. Frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ


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