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500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation

500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation

20mw Vortex Hydro Turbine

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300kw vortex water turbine

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deyang city sichuan china

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Francis turbine generator

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Product Details
Francis Hydro Turbine Generator Set
Brand Name:
Place Of Origin:
Sichuan, China
Power Range:
3-12 Months
Green ,blue Or Others
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wooden box / special packaging: according to the request of the guests
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500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Francis Hydro Power Plant


1.Francis turbine has the advantages of compact structure,hight efficiency,can adapt to a wide range of water head of turbine types,is one of the widely used around the world.

2.When the water folw through the tuibine wheel,it folws into,axial to radial,so it is also called the radial axial flow turbine.

3.Francis turbine is also called the Francis turbine,the flow from the surrounding radial inflow runner,then approximate axial flow runner,runner by the crown,under the ring and the blade.

4.It is applicable to the head from a range of 20 metersos up to 700meters,has the advantages os simple structure,stable operation,and high efficiency,but it is generally used in the range(50 to 400 meters).Simple power from a few KW to several 101000 tile.At present,the turbine output has exceeded 700000 kilowaats, the maximum.A turbine is one of most widely usede.

Hydro Turbine Product Parameters

HL-WJ-Francis tubine generator unit Generator Gevernor or Regulating work Valve
Type Water head(m) Discharge (m³/s) Speed (r/min) Power(kw) Efficiency(%)
HL260 C-WJ-50 11 1.27 500 118.9 86 SFW100-12/740 YT-3000 Z941H-6 DN800
12.3 1.34 600 141.1 87
14 1.43 600 171 87
16.6 1.56 600 216.5 85.3 SFW200-10/850
19.5 1.67 750 277.5 87.3 SFW250-8/850
22.7 1.85 750 352 86.8
26.5 1.97 750 432.8 84.5
HL260-C-WJ-60 11.4 1.86 428.6 180.5 86.8 SFW160-14/850 YT-3000 PDF6-WD DN900
13.36 2.01 500 229.01 87.8
15.2 2.15 500 276.6 87.3
18.2 2.33 600 366 87.9
20.8 2.51 600 446 87.3 SFW400-10/990
24.1 2.7 600 546.6 85.5
28.2 2.92 750 709.2 87.8 SFW630-8/1180
HL260 C-WJ-71 10.4 2.48 375 224 88.3 SFW200-16/850 YT-3000 PDF6-WD DN1000
12 2.67 375 276.1 87.8 SFW250-16/990
14.2 2.9 428.6 358.1 88.6 YWT-6000
16.3 3.11 428.6 436.7 87.7
19.1 3.37 500 559.6 88.6 SFW500-12/1180
22.3 3.64 500 698 87.6 SFW630-12/1180
26.2 3.95 600 901 88.8 SFW800-10/1180
30.2 4.23 600 1106 88.1 SFW1000-10/1180

Water Turbine Picture

500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation 0

 500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation 1
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500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation 2

500kw-20mw Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For Power Generation 3
Deyang Dongsen Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional comprehensive technology engineering company in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of hydropower equipment as well as in the hydropower station investment.
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Our market: 
South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Asia, etc.
We have:
5 types of water turbine generator: Francis turbine, Pelton turbine, Turgo turbine, tubular turbine and kaplan turbine.  
We also provide hydro turbine fittings.


Hello, I'm jasmine.(Director of International Trade) .

Thank you very much for your inquiry. We are a manufacturer of water turbines

We have five main water turbine generator set categories:

Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Tubular turbine, Pelton turbine and Turgo turbine.

What type of water turbine do you need?

Or you have professional data of water turbine to provide me,

I do professional water turbine selection technical scheme for you

Pls can you let me know the below parameters so we can offer you the best suggestions.
1.Water head:___m
2.Water flow:____m³/s
3.Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz?

4.Unit Capacity: ___KW

 Friendly reminder: The price of this product is not the actual price, because our products are non-standard customized, please contact customer service to provide the water head and flow rate, select the model on-site quotation, and then place the order. Welcome to visit, thank you!


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